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Ornamental Fence Installation

A fence for all applications. Supreme quality, timeless design, and the perfect accent




  • The ability to “rack” or smoothly follow changes in terrain
  • Built into every Ornamental aluminum fence section.
  • Ensures a clean and beautiful fence line.
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Estate Gates

  • Matching driveway gates are also available.
  • Estate gates are manufactured by using 3/4″ square pickets
  • Welded in a U-Frame design for maximum strength and durability.
  • Add circles, finials or scrolls to further enhance the beauty of these elegant entrance gates.
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Screws provide the strongest, rattle-free connection between pickets and fence rails. Screws can, however, become a major problem over time when they loosen and back out of the pickets. To eliminate this critical problem, we utilize a “Aluminum Feature Strip” that covers the assembly screws and locks them in place. The paint on exposed assembly screws can easily crack or peel leaving unsightly silver screw heads all over the fence section. Our hidden screw technology, all assembly screws will be forever “put of sight-out of mind!”


Special Sized Gates

Need a special size gate to fit between existing columns? 

Ornamental Aluminum Fence can manufacture special size openings or special heights to meet a wide variety of non-standard gate requirements.

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